Naier is a professional wind turbines manufacturer and supplier, specializing in R&D and manufacturing for 15 years. 

What kind of system is the wind turbine normally used?

Wind turbines are usually used in off-grid or on-grid systems.

How many blades can we make for horizontal axis wind turbines?

We usually have horizontal axis wind turbines with 3 blades, 5 blades or 6 blades, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

How much power do we make of vertical axis wind turbines?

We mainly produce 100W~50KW vertical axis wind turbines.

How much power do we make of horizontal axis wind turbines?

We mainly produce 100W~500KW horizontal axis wind turbines.

What are the main types of wind turbines?

Wind turbines are mainly divided into two categories: horizontal axis and vertical axis.

Is the wind turbine output AC or DC?

Our wind turbine output is three-phase AC.

What is the working principle of a wind turbine?

Wind turbines convert wind energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy.

What kind of certificate do you have ?

We have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE certificate.

Do you accept OEM or ODM business?

Yes, we are OEM and ODM supplier.

What is the standard of package?

Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement.

What’s the delivery time ?

Sample need 3~7 days, large order need about 7~15 days. The specific delivery time is subject to the actual order demand.

If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?

We will be responsible for all quality problems. Analyze the problems raised by customers and provide assistance, and provide services such as replacement parts or returns if necessary.

Can I get samples from your factory?

Yes, we support sample orders.

Naier is a company integrating R&D, production, and sales of small and medium-sized wind turbines.
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