Naier is a professional wind turbines manufacturer and supplier, specializing in R&D and manufacturing for 15 years. 

Vertical wind turbine

Naier's vertical wind turbine is one of the most popular products in the market today. With its sleek design and innovative technology, our vertical axis wind turbine has captured the attention of both environmentally conscious consumers and renewable energy enthusiasts. The vertical wind power turbine harnesses the power of wind to generate clean and sustainable electricity. It is highly efficient, capturing wind from any direction and converting it into usable energy. Our vertical axis wind turbine with compact size and silent operation make it suitable for various settings, such as residential homes, commercial buildings, and even remote areas. Naier's vertical wind turbine has become a symbol of the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, providing a green alternative to traditional power sources and helping to combat climate change.

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Naier is a company integrating R&D, production, and sales of small and medium-sized wind turbines.
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