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Advantages and disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbines


With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the wide application of renewable energy, we believe that many friends have seen wind turbines during their travels. Now let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbines.

First, advantages of vertical axis wind turbines as below:

A, Strong wind resistance. The principle of horizontal rotation and triangular double pivot design makes it less susceptible to wind pressure and can withstand typhoons of 45 meters per second.

B, No auxiliary systems need to be installed. Compared to horizontal axis fans, vertical axis fans have blades that rotate parallel to the ground, allowing wind energy to be obtained from various directions. There is no need to add yaw devices to adjust the direction of wind energy reception like horizontal axis fans.  The overall structure has become simpler, reducing the vibration generated by fan operation to a certain extent and improving its reliability.

Second, disadvantages of vertical axis wind turbines as below:

A, The starting performance index of the vertical axis fan is worse than that of the horizontal axis fan,

B, During the rotation of the blades, negative torque is generated at some positions, resulting in low output efficiency of the fan;

C, Common issues for all wind turbines: vibration resistance, especially for large wind turbines;

Naier Wind Power specializes in 100W-500kW small and medium-sized wind turbines, mainly including vertical axis wind turbines, horizontal axis wind turbines, street light wind turbines, wind solar complementary street light systems, new energy field monitoring systems, decentralized household power supply systems, scenic area lighting systems, and other one-stop services. The products are exported to multiple countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Australia, and are deeply loved and praised by customers. If you want to know more about vertical axis wind turbines, please kindly contact us or leave message for more informations.

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