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How much do you know about vertical axis wind turbines?


With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the wide application of renewable energy, we believe that many friends have seen wind turbines during their travels. Today, let us tell you the more details about vertical axis wind turbines.

According to the principle of vertical axis wind turbine,The speed of the wind turbine increases rapidly,its power generation rising speed is correspondingly faster, and the power generation curve becomes full. Under the same power conditions, the rated wind speed of the vertical axis wind turbine is smaller than the horizontal axis wind turbine, and the vertical axis wind turbine generates a large amount of electricity when operating at low wind speed.

From the mechanical analysis, the higher power of the vertical axis wind turbine, the the longer of the blades, the longer the distance between the center point of the parallel rod and the center point of the generator shaft,the worse the wind resistance ability, therefore, the triangular vector method can make up for some of the above shortcomings.

In the structure, we use the design of straight blade and triangular double fulcrum for vertical axis wind turbines, and the main stress points are concentrated in the hub, which solves the problems of blade falling off, breaking and blade flying out. The blades of vertical axis wind turbine form a circle according to the same Angle difference, so the design purpose can reduce the pressure on the center support. In addition, a series of auxiliary equipment such as gear boxes, reduction boxes and transmission devices can be placed on the working platform relatively close to the ground, reducing the weight of the fan itself, reducing the construction and maintenance costs of the fan to a certain extent, and the vertical axis wind turbine can be used in building integration, which is conductive to urban construction. Therefore, the overall performance index is high.

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How much do you know about  vertical axis wind turbines? 1

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