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How to choose a good small wind turbine?


As renewable energy wind energy is more and more concerned by people, recently many friends consult us about medium and small wind turbines on the Internet. We believe that the coverage rate of medium sized and small wind turbines will be higher and higher in the future. The key points to select the midium and small type wind turbines are as follows.

1. Wind turbine blades

It is necessary to use high-strength nylon composite material, high strength, good toughness, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, anti-wind, with good aerodynamic performance .

2. Bearing

It needs to be a first-line brand, and such wind turbines have high efficiency, wear-resistant, durable and long service life.

3. Magnetic steel

Magnetic steel using rare earth NdFeb permanent magnet, high efficiency and light weight, less energy consumption, large output power.

4.Anti-strong wind tail design

It is necessary to have a pre-offset design of the wind turbine tail rudder, so that the automatic alignment of the windward direction, improve the output power while taking into account the adjustment and strong wind protection.

5.Carbon brush and brush ring structure

With such a device, the electricity of the wind turbine can be passed from the carbon brush to the brush ring, and the brush ring will draw out the electricity; When the wind turbine rotates, it rotates to solve the problem of cable breakage.

6. Connection method

The use of casing connection, high safety, will not occur racing phenomenon, installation is also very convenient.that installing fans in the field is not only technical work, but also physical work. The ease of installation is a boon for field installers.

Nair Wind Power is mainly specialized in 100W-200kW small and medium-sized wind turbines, vertical axis wind turbines, horizontal axis wind turbines, wind turbines for street lamps, wind and solar complementary street lamp systems, new energy field monitoring systems, distributed household power supply systems, scenic lighting systems and other one-stop services, Exported to the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Australia and many other countries and regions. Well loved and praised by customers. Welcome to contact us for more questions.

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