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Nair Wind Power talk about the wind hybrid solar street light system


Wind energy and solar energy as pure renewable green energy, more and more people pay attention to, the complementarities of the two in time and region make the wind-solar complementary power generation system has a good match in resources, wind-solar complementary power generation system is an independent power system with good resource conditions, and wind-solar complementary street light is a significant application of wind-solar complementary power generation system.

The wind-solar complementary street light system is to change the grid power supply of traditional street lights into a wind-solar complementary power generation system that converts wind and solar energy into electricity. The system structure block diagram is shown in the figure. The system consists of wind generator set, solar photovoltaic array, rectifier circuit, voltage regulator circuit, unloader and energy-saving street lamp.The overall working principle of the system is as follows: the three-phase AC from the wind generator set is rectified after the DC and the DC from the photovoltaic array is charged after the voltage regulation circuit, and the battery supplies power to energy-saving street lights.

Nair Wind Power talk about the wind hybrid solar street light system 1

From the perspective of power generation and consumption, the system mainly consists of four parts: power generation, power transformation control, power storage and power consumption. The power transfer is shown in the figure.
Nair Wind Power talk about the wind hybrid solar street light system 2

With the continuous improvement of China's road traffic network, some remote areas have also built roads, but the use of ordinary street lights in these areas requires the laying of special lines, which will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, so the characteristics of independent power supply of wind and solar complementary street lights are very suitable for use in these areas. The power supply of mobile communication base stations, the electricity consumption of remote mountain villages and the electricity consumption of border posts can all be solved by wind-solar complementary power generation technology, so the study of wind-solar complementary street lamps has wide significance.

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