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Precautions for using wind turbines


The correct use of wind turbines is crucial for their normal operation and reliability. The following are the precautions to be taken when using wind turbines:

1. If the motor is found to be working abnormally, shaking or making abnormal sounds, it should be stopped for inspection.

2. When the fan rotates at high speed, do not stand or perform other work on the direction of the rotation plane of the wind turbine to prevent the blades from flying out and injuring people.

3. The battery should be kept dry and clean, and metal objects should not be placed on the battery pack to prevent short circuits.

4. Do not place the negative grounding of the electrical box and the single matched reverse order together to avoid short circuits. Use the reverse power supply according to the reverse power supply manual.

5. The tightener of the stay wire will automatically loosen when encountering strong winds. After adjustment, it can be locked with iron wire. After each strong wind, check if the stay wire is loose and promptly eliminate any looseness. (Upright pole must be vertical)

6. Wind turbines should be wired separately and not mixed with other lines. It is recommended to use DC power for lighting, and AC power output from inverters can be used for household appliances. (The inverter and inverter output lines cannot be connected in parallel, and the inverter output line cannot be connected to the mains.)

7.When wiring the electrical box, first connect the battery and then connect the output line of the generator. When disassembling, first disassemble the output line of the generator and then disconnect the wiring of the battery pack

8.The shutdown switch of the electrical box is usually in the starting position, and is used for temporary shutdown when the battery is fully charged or in defense against severe storms. Only the wind wheel is slowly running and unplugged to the shutdown position, and the switch is not allowed to be unplugged when rotating at high speed.

Overall, the proper use of wind turbines is essential to ensure equipment safety, improve performance and extend service life. This is also a key measure to ensure the reliable operation and efficient generation of wind power systems.

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